Enterprise Network against Child Labour

The enterprise network is a space for public-private dialogue whose objective is to ensure the full enjoyment of children’s and adolescents’ rights. It is currently made up of more than 100 organizations, among companies and business associations, all of them engaged and committed to child and adolescent labor issues. Since December 2016, ABC has been part of the Network, first as a full member and then invited to become an active member and join the Board of Directors, a position we have held since September 2019.

Since then, an increasing number of ABC partners has joined this work which has a clear and achievable objective: to prevent child labor in Argentina, and in particular in the blueberry production sector. As a result of our commitment, we have been recognized by the Network for two years in a row (2019 and 2020). Being part of this Network is one of our management priorities: it is an essential space to learn along with the companies, to exchange experiences, to share challenges and to show the progress made year after year in the sector. The network generates programs, plans and projects for the prevention and eradication of child labor and the protection of adolescent work, in coordination with national public policies on this matter.  Its actions contribute to disseminate information about the problem, encourage training and offer technical assistance to address the issue in the value chain. In this task, they receive technical support from the National Commission for the Eradication of Child Labor (CONAETI), as well as advice from UNICEF and ILO.

Member organizations in the network have access to specific training activities for company employees.


The organizations that commit to participate in the Enterprise Network against Child Labor:

  • Contribute to the compliance with target 8.7 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) promoted by the United Nations.
  • Integrate a space for collective action where their Social Responsibility policies are framed and they connect with over 100 organizations that represent different committed and engaged sectors. 
  • Perform in a framework in line with national and international occupational quality standards, which benefits their positioning in the international market. 
  • Receive technical support from the National Commission for the Eradication of Child Labor (CONAETI) for the implementation of projects/activities to prevent and/or eradicate child labor and protect adolescent work.
  • Access specific training activities for the company’s employees.
  • Produce tools and communication material to be shared with the value chain.
  • Increase recognition of the Social Responsibility strategies implemented by the company.

Members of the Enterprise Network

How to participate