We are a non-profit organization that represents blueberry exporters in Argentina. We were formally constituted in 2011, but we have been developing counter-seasonal promotion activities for blueberries in the United States and Europe for a long time.

In addition to our core promotion activity, we are currently addressing highly important issues for the industry, such as the positioning of Argentina as a counter-seasonal supplier of blueberries abroad, the delivery of reliable and accurate information on blueberry exports from Argentina to different markets, relationships with Customs to set reference values, quality and all that can impact on blueberry exports.

We account for more than 80% of Argentina´s exports. There are around 2,550 production hectares in the country.

In addition to companies, the Committee is made up of three regional business chambers: APRATUC (Association of Blueberry Producers of Tucumán), APAMA (Association of Blueberry Producers of the Argentine Mesopotamia), and CAPAB (Chamber of Producers of Blueberries and other Berries) from Buenos Aires.