IAE Business School presented the Good Practices Guide for the Care of Human Ecology

IAE Business School presented the Good Practices Guide for the Care of Human Ecology

One of the chosen success stories was the Social Compliance System (Due Diligence) in Argentina’s blueberry sector, recognized for its multi-sectoral associated management.

In an effort to promote sustainable business practices with a positive impact on society, IAE Business School at the Universidad Austral has launched the latest edition of the Good Practices Guide, titled “Towards the care of human ecology: family, business, and society.” This guide highlights our experience in pursuing well-being throughout our value chain, aiming to consolidate a sustainable business model with a triple impact: environmental, social, and economic.

The initiative, originating in Argentina in 2011, presents concrete actions of companies committed to caring for their employees and their families. The guide addresses how these companies provide resources for workers to meet their family responsibilities.

The document underscores the importance of care in society, emphasizing that it is essential for individual well-being and collective functioning. It emphasizes that care, although sometimes overlooked, requires time, presence, and closeness to establish a human connection that addresses the needs of others.

In this context, the report highlights the strategy of our sector, which includes:

  • 16 blueberry-producing fields in the provinces of Tucumán, Entre Ríos, and Buenos Aires, with IRAM certification (10 exporting companies) in the last campaign.
  • Over 1,500 seasonal rural workers and value chain actors, with more than 50 companies reached in the last year, trained and sensitized on the issues of child labor and protected adolescent work.
  • 7 community services in the province of Tucumán, including 5 Child Care Centers and 2 Youth Points.
  • 550 children and adolescents attending education and prevention services.

Since the program’s launch, the accumulated social investment amounts to over USD 600,000. This commitment has led to the incorporation of new partners, allowing the investment to grow year after year, achieving sustainability and resilience.



Testimonials from participants emphasize the importance of the Social Compliance System developed by the Argentine Blueberry sector. The community highlights the relevance of initiatives such as Child Care Centers and Youth Spots Centers, providing support to families and allowing workers to focus on their tasks, knowing that their children are in a safe and educational environment.

In the words of Liliana Herrera, a blueberry harvester in Sargento Moya, Tucumán: “The Child Care Center is very important to me; it is a great help and favors us in many ways. I am the mother of a 3 years and 5 months old boy who attends the CCI. There, he learns to socialize with other kids.”

The commitment of the Argentine Blueberry sector to social compliance systems reflects the need to ensure responsible production and the prevention of child and adolescent labor. Francisco Estrada, producer and president of APRATUC (Association of Blueberry Producers of Tucumán), emphasizes: “We believe that this adds a lot of value and differentiates our product. Promoting education is a way to prevent child and adolescent labor so that kids are supported and do what they have to do, play and learn, for a better future.

With this human-focused approach, we thank IAE Business School for showcasing our actions on the path towards sustainable business models that contribute to the overall well-being and sustainable development of society.


Link to the interactive PDF guide  https://www.iae.edu.ar/confye/guias-de-buenas-practicas/